10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh With Placements

Digital marketing is founded on the premise that “promoting or advertising a product or service over the internet” will persist as long as the internet does. Smartphones have made them accessible to the average individual. As a result, skilled digital marketing professionals are in high demand in today’s internet advertising world, and a career in digital marketing has a bright future. As a result, digital marketing courses and institutions are now available in all of the country’s major cities. Chandigarh is no exception. In this article, we will discuss the top digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh


Why Digital Marketing Career?

Let’s take a look at some digital marketing statistics:


  • Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet and digital channels to carry out marketing or promotional activities. We already live in a culture that is socially, professionally, and individually interconnected through the internet. Moreover, it will continue to grow in importance in the future. As a result, a career in such a futuristic field would be secure in terms of advancement.


  • Search engine optimization or SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, affiliate marketing, native advertising, marketing automation, email marketing, and other digital marketing approaches are employed in the industry. When you’ve mastered digital marketing, you’ll be able to specialize in any of these approaches, depending on your interests and comfort level. As a result, your services are always in demand in some form or another.


  • According to Google figures, India will have roughly 700 million internet users by 2021, mainly due to Jio’s debut. It represents over half of the country’s total population. Because mobile phones are such an important medium in the market, digital marketing is in high demand.


However, according to the demand and supply theory, demand is high, but supply (faculties) is low. As a result, there is always a significant need for digital marketing experts.


  • As of 2021, there are 1,47,630 digital marketing job vacancies on Naukri.com, 1,30,110 job openings on Indeed.com, and 16000+ active positions on Linkedin. These are statistics from major employment sites; numbers from other sites are not included.


  • In India, a digital marketing manager (entry-level) earns an average of 5,48,755 per year, according to Google. On the other hand, a senior digital marketing manager with over 5-9 years of experience in India earns between Rs 7,09,800 and Rs 10,00,000.


Who Are All Eligible to Pursue Digital Marketing Course?


Digital marketing isn’t something that just anybody can learn for the sake of having a job; understanding how the internet works and paying attention to the intricacies needs effort and perseverance. However, you are good to go if you are a professional, working student, job seeker, sales, marketing professional, business owner and entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations, and you have a passion for it.


Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh


In today’s work economy, mastering digital marketing abilities can lead to rich opportunities. Because skilled digital marketers are in high demand, digital marketing training institutions are springing up in practically every city and town.


If you are located in Chandigarh and looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh, there are various digital marketing courses in Chandigarh to choose from. Chandigarh has a variety of work options. There is a demand for digital marketing professionals at any given time, and there is no better time than now to benefit from that demand.


For you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Chandigarh to help you understand the many sorts of courses and institutes available, as well as which one is best suited to your needs and expectations. So there you have it.


 Here’s The List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh.


1.    IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a renowned name in the online skills-prep market and one of Chandigarh’s best digital marketing Courses, with over five years of demonstrated competence in forming careers. It has taught over 5000 individuals so far to develop employment-driven skills-based courses. Students, working professionals, and business owners are among them.


When compared to other institutes, IIM Skills has a distinct advantage in terms of faculty. Creative thinking is encouraged by the faculty. Students and mentors have open communication, and brainstorming sessions are interesting. The experienced faculty has a combined experience of more than ten years and has completed over 1000 training sessions.


Amazon, BMW, Dell, IBM, Barclaycard, HTC, KPMG, Genpact, and other companies have collaborated with IIM Skills. They will also assist students with placement and internship opportunities with these companies.


 Course Details:


  • Course Name: Digital Marketing Course
  • It’s an online class of 5 months duration program.
  • Fees: INR 34,900 + GST.
  • Free tools worth INR 79,000 /-.
  • Only roughly 60+ hours of interactive online training and 120+ hours of practical assignments and case studies are included in the training. As a result, it is an entirely practical training that leads to increased employability through hands-on experience on real-world projects.
  • It gives you access to all of the training materials and recordings for the rest of your life. If you miss a class, you can use the course recordings as a backup.
  • Candidates are allowed to participate in a research-based internship, which is fully optional.
  • Participants receive an IIM Skills Master certification and 13 additional certifications from Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.
  • As a classroom environment, the class sessions are completely participatory, and any doubts are resolved during the class.
  • And, once you’ve submitted your information, IIM Skills will send you an invitation to a unique free demo introduction class, which you can attend before enrolling in the course.



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2.    Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing (CIIM)


CIMM is considered one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. In 2014, Mr. Surjeet Thakur founded the Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing (CIIM), an ISO Certified technical Institute of Digital Marketing. In addition, they’re a certified Google AdWords and Analytics affiliate. Over 1300+ students have been instructed in their classroom training courses over six years. This training is open to persons from many walks of life, including corporate, business, students, and other occupations.


Course Details:


  • Classroom training for 45 days, 2 hours per week in the classroom.
  • Purely Live and Practical training sessions.
  • Minimal batches.
  • SEO, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile SEO, Affiliated Marketing, Blog Writing, and Content Writing are covered in the syllabus.
  • Interview preparation and 100% guarantee of placement.
  • Free demo session.


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3.    ThinkNEXT


Consider taking one of ThinkNEXT’s advanced digital marketing courses in Chandigarh, Mohali, or Panch digital marketing training is the sole focus of this college. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click/Search Engine Marketing are also available as training. In addition, the institute offers free English-speaking classes, as well as classes on interviews.


Course Details:


  • In-classroom training that is 100% Live and Practical.
  • Fees: INR 25,000 /-.
  • Flexible class timings.
  • 14 Certification Assistance and free E-Book and study materials.
  • Website Planning & Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google Analytics, Online Display Advertising, Ecommerce Marketing, Online Reputation Management, PPC, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are among the topics covered in the syllabus.
  • 100% placement.


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IIM SKILLS Chandigarh DM Course Invite


4.    Morph Academy


It was developed in 2009 by Morph Academy, a training center for IT professionals. Excellent digital marketing courses in Chandigarh are also available at this institution.  Although this university is well recognized for its animation and 3D courses, its digital marketing program is undoubtedly the best. In addition, they provide exclusive study loans, scholarships, and PG & hostel facilities.


Course Details:


  • It’s a two months digital marketing course.
  • Classroom training program.
  • Website Development, Principles of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are topics covered in the syllabus.
  • 100% placement and assistance.


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5.    BigBoxx


Professional Academy is a major online computer education company and provides digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. There are degree, certificate, credential, and training programs to choose from. For its engagement with the world’s largest corporations, the institution has gained international acclaim.


Course Details:


  • Courses available in basic course for 3 months and an advanced course for 6 months.
  • The classroom training program, which is live and practical.
  • Webmaster Tools, App Store Optimization, E-Commerce Marketing, Website Development, Principles of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are among the topics covered in the syllabus.
  • Job training and 100 % placement.


6.    RADA – RedAlkemi Digital Academy


RedAlkemi Digital Academy (RADA) is a RedAlkemi initiative, a digital marketing organization with over 20 years of experience in internet marketing. RADA, based in Chandigarh, offers professors, graduates, business owners, working professionals, and developer’s resources to learn about and explore digital marketing.


There are many digital marketing courses that RADA offers in Chandigarh. It provides a thorough curriculum as well as an engaging learning environment. Their main goal is to develop qualified individuals and provide outstanding placement possibilities within and beyond the RedAlkemi agency.


There is a prerequisite for RADA’s digital marketing course. Candidates must pass an IQ test before proceeding to an interview. In addition, this 12-week internship necessitates strong communication skills and a thorough understanding of social media. Therefore, an internship is included in the course, which combines both hands-on instruction and real-world experience.


Course Details:


  • The course lasts 12 weeks and consists of 250+ hours of learning, including 200+ hours of live training and 50+ hours of theory.
  • Monday through Friday.
  • The cost of the course is INR 45,000/-.
  • Branding is one of 10 courses in the curriculum, web development, and design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creating a network of connections, blogging, advertising that is paid for. Email marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending emails to people, managing social media. Influencer marketing is a term that refers to the use of celebrities. The development of a company is all covered as a syllabus.
  • During their time at RedAlkemi, candidates receive free access to resources such as blogs and free Udemy courses.
  • A profile as a RedAlkemi member is an additional benefit of the course at RADA.
  • As this is a certification course, it comes with a RADA certificate of completion.
  • The course is structured like an internship, with hands-on training and live practical experience. Furthermore, the institute guarantees a job placement rate of 100%.


7.    Webliquids


Webliquids, a Chandigarh-based IT firm, was founded in 2014 to improve and upskill its students in digital marketing and development. Through its 142+ batches, the institute has educated around 1569 professionals.


By delivering private interview preparation sessions, they prepare their prospects to face the professional world. They believe in putting concepts into practice. Thus they provide 100% hands-on training with real-world projects. They provide ten or more certifications upon successful completion of the course.


Course Details:


  • 2 to 6 months advanced digital marketing course.
  • Website Development, Principles of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are topics covered in the syllabus.
  • 100% placement and assistance.


8.    AIMA


India’s top management organization is the All India Management Association. It was founded 60 years ago and has worked with the government, corporations, universities, and students. It includes a variety of professional development programs that focus on managerial preparation and experience.


The course covers digital marketing fundamentals and the use and study of various digital marketing and analytical approaches. In addition, the report includes suggestions for lectures and class discussions to make the sessions more enjoyable.


When it comes to digital marketing courses in Chandigarh, the AIMA is one of the most popular choices. Assigned tasks will be assigned to each participant, who will be scored based upon the activities and projects they perform throughout the course, along with an overall final assessment.


Course Details:


  • It’s an online course for 5 months.
  • Website Development, Principles of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are topics covered in the syllabus.
  • Lifetime access to course study material and class recordings.
  • Exclusive tools suggestions and their hacks.
  • Portfolio and resume making.
  • Internship-based projects.
  • 100 % placement assurance and interview preparation assistance will be provided.

IIM SKILLS Chandigarh DM Course Invite


9.    Webtech Learning


Webtech Learning is an institute that will provide one of the valuable digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Studying web design, digital marketing, and web development via distance learning is offered to students living in Chandigarh and the surrounding area.


Course Details:


  • Course duration is 12 weeks.
  • Small batches.
  • Both Classroom and Online sessions.
  • Experienced staff with interactive sessions.
  • 100 % live projects with training.
  • Webmaster Tools, App Store Optimization, E-Commerce Marketing, Website Development, Principles of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & AdSense are among the topics covered in the syllabus.
  • Interview and Resume preparation assistance with guaranteed placement.


10.    Webhopers


Webhopers is a Chandigarh-based digital marketing and web training company. WebHopers Academy is WebHopers Infotech Pvt Ltd’s training division. The google-affiliated institute delivers superior instruction to its pupils with mentors who have over 8 years of expertise. In addition, the coaches who will teach you the digital marketing course are industry professionals. For example, SEO, PPC, SMO, and Facebook content trainers typically have a minimum of six years of expertise.


Course Details:


  • 2 to 3 months course.
  • Fees: INR 22,000/-.
  • There is no registration charge.
  • Assistance with a job and a career.
  • 100% practical training on live projects online certification.
  • In case you miss a class, you can take a make-up class.
  • 100% job-oriented interview preparation course.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the best digital marketing courses?


IIM Skills offers the best digital marketing course. It has offered excellent weekly and weekend online courses for five years successfully. Unlike the other popular institutions or programs, IIM Skills’ fees are less in the market than the other big names. And you get lifetime study material and class recording access and free tools access. And they promise skill development and placement on the internships.


Q. Is Digital Marketing a good career?


Careers in digital marketing are dynamic and prosperous. As a result of expertise, skilled personnel will reap enormous advantages. Whether you’re a creative or engineering individual, the digital marketing profession has something for everyone.


Q. What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Chandigarh?


A digital marketer in Chandigarh may expect to earn between INR 2,500 and INR 5,000 per year as a beginner (1-2 years). If you have five years of experience as a digital marketing manager, you can expect to make between $8L and $15. The salary is determined by the company’s size, the level of expertise, and the number of professionals.


Q. How much will I have to pay for digital marketing courses?


You can choose from a wide selection of courses depending on where you go to school, what type of instruction you receive. It can range from INR 25000 to INR 35000 for comprehensive digital marketing training.


Q. Who is eligible for a digital marketing course?


For most digital marketing courses, you must have a bachelor’s degree in AICTE, AIU, UGC, etc. must acknowledge the institute. Some courses are solely open to professionals or interns, while others are open to everyone.




As you are reading this conclusion, you are reading this post with patience, which implies that you are interested in a digital marketing course. Digital marketing isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you’re passionate about it and grasps the internet’s basic principles. To learn digital marketing, you don’t need a college degree. If you’re hesitant about digital marketing, don’t be. It’s still a relatively new concept, both in today’s internet culture and in the future.


Our selection of the top 10 digital marketing courses in Chandigarh includes online and offline options, so check out the online programs if you’re looking for an online digital marketing course. And if you want to learn offline, check out the institutes. I sincerely hope that this article has given you some suggestions on how to choose the best digital marketing course and find your cup of tea.

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